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Evelyn 樂樂陳

Evelyn 樂樂陳
19 years old
Mixed Blood (Taiwan and Vietnam)
Facebook followed by 47,709 people
IG followed by 209k followers



Kimi 張雅涵

Kimi 張雅涵
Birthday on 31st May
Lived in New Taipei City
Worked as Model
Facebook followed by 160,475 people
IG followed by 386k followers




Vicky 莊惠如

Vicky 莊惠如
From Taiwan
Works at 甜心幫 ღ 安希
Followed by 121,996 people

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Bebe Chang

Bebe Chang is a Taiwanese TV personality, she has a mixed heritage, 3/4 Chinese and 1/4 American.
She started her career as a model, modelling for various...

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Mita You You

Mita is a stunning girl from Taiwan, she rose to fame online when some netizens posted her images in some popular online forum, and many people were surprised...

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Pie Pie Chen

Pie Pie Chen is a professional dancer from Taiwan, she frequently lights up the stage at the nightclub X-cube and always attract a large crowd, she also...

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Queena Lee

Queena Lee is a kindly nurse, the most striking feature is her pair of laughing eyes, and believe that many patients see her should be recovery, usually often...