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Top 10 Hottest Malaysian College Babes

Jom!it‘s time return to the college!


SEGi University & Colleges

Love travel, love life,part time model

Instagram: kendra.sow

2. Khaisin

University Tunku Abdul Rahman Sungai Long Campus

Mechatronics engineering student,part time model

Instagram : l_khaisin

3.Caryn Ng

Inti College Penang

Accounting and Finance student

Instagram: caryn_ng


4.Jin Wen 

INTI International University & Colleges

Fashion Design student

Instagram : jinwen925_py

5.Fiona Tan

Sunway University

Model & network purchasing

Instagram: @fionatannn


Sunway College Johor Bahru

Only instagram there are more than 200k followers

Part time model

Instagram : yueer_moonlover_

7.Ashley Khoo

Sunway College

CAT-ACCA Student

Instagram : @oh_ashleyx

8.Natasha Sharon

Sunway University

Bachelor of Business student

Instagram : @natashasharonl

9.Annekie Kow 

KDU University College

Instagram: Annekiebabey


Help University

Instagram : qiuwen1014

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